Laws of Success: Seven Things Weight Loss Programs Taught Me About Success

By | April 15, 2023

In life we are faced with diverse kinds of challenges. The problems I face may be different from what you are going through. But make no mistakes about it; we all must face difficulties and find ways to solve them.Every day experts spring up in one field or another but the problems doesn’t just disappear because there are expert solutions. No! It is you that have the problem that must seek out the expert and make consistent effort to apply remedies recommended to solve that problem.In the Weight Loss and Nutrition fields, many experts have come out with programs to solve the problem of excess weight. It is in the study of those programs, that I found these seven (7) instructive Laws of Success. They are…Law No. 1: Application of Personal Efforts to Solve ProblemEvery person has a pressing problem that must be solved. For instance, if you want to lose weight, you would be inundated with many programs, but none of those programs, would solve your excess weight problem without your personal effort.Refusal to apply yourself in the pursuit of a chosen goal, is an invitation of failure.Just as success or failure lies in your hands if you wish to lose weight, so does succeeding lie in your hands too. No one can make you successful without your personal efforts.So to make it in life, be ready to apply maximum efforts at any goal, career, business or service you are engaged in. You must work hard and work smart to succeed. There are no short cuts to success.Law No. 2: Follow a Process All weight loss programs have a method. The programs show you what you must do to lose weight. They explain the physical exercises and training you must take daily.They also guide you in the kind of food and nutrition; you must eat during the weight loss program. They explain the psychological state of mind you must maintain, during the period the program lasts.They urge you to have a positive mindset, but also a balanced expectation and not to be unduly anxious, when you seem not to be losing any weight despite following the program as instructed.Finally, they would tell you how to stay motivated to achieve your weight loss goals through emails, newsletters and articles on their websites. All these strategies, helps you to stay inspired to use the program until hopefully you start seeing results.Weight loss and success strategies are similar. For you to succeed, you must make goals, follow a plan, act on your goals, stay committed to your goals, stay flexible but focused on reaching your goal. Also you must maintain a positive mindset and have a balanced view of the period it might take before you succeed.Just as it is in weight loss programs, results don’t just appear from the blues. It is the same when you wish to succeed in life’s endeavors. You have to follow a practical and consistent plan with determination and patience, until you reach the goal.Law No. 3: Pick a Goal You Are Passionate AboutLosing weight is not a child’s play so you must be physically and mentally ready, to face the task at hand before making your goal to lose that weight and purchase a weight loss program.The same thing applies to you that wish to become successful in your endeavors.To achieve success, you must pick a goal that you are passionate about. And just as you are passionate about getting rid of that extra flesh in your tummy by sweating it out in daily work outs in a gym, so you must love the goal you are chasing and take the necessary determined actions to succeed.Facing a task without enthusiasm would be pure hell. Even if you didn’t like or love the goals you chose, for you to achieve it, you must find ways to love it. If you don’t, you would not reach your objective or become successful in that task.Law No. 4: Take ActionIn a weight loss program, it is daily actions that enables, you to shed those extra pounds. Without any action on your part to work out, and eat the recommended nutrition, you would continue to increase in weight.It is a known fact that you grow every day. You don’t have to do anything but eat and sleep to grow. But then eating and sleeping are actions too. So for you to succeed at that specific task you have chosen, you must be ready to make action orientation your lifestyle.Taking goal targeted actions, daily brings you closer to the goal. Without action you are stuck in one spot. Take massive goal directed actions and become more successful.Law No. 5: Be ConsistentHow reliable are you? Well you must have this trait if you hope to achieve any goals at all. Following a weight loss program demands that you stay put on it day by day.You must become a statute if you hope to get anywhere fast. This seems contradictory but it is not. Allow me to explain further.A statute has integrity. A statue does not tell a lie. Come rain or shine, it remains in the same place every year. You cannot lie to yourself and achieve any good thing. To succeed, stick to that task like glue until it is done.When you are following a weight loss program, you cannot afford to sabotage yourself by eating the wrong kind of food or fail to perform the recommended daily exercises and fitness training, and hope to lose weight. So it is for anyone desiring success in life.You must not lie to yourself, fail to act on your goals or follow winning strategies. In addition, you shouldn’t keep a negative mental attitude or manage your time and resources poorly and expect to succeed.In both circumstances, consistency is the law of the game if you wish to achieve both the weight loss and Success goals.Law No. 6: Stay FocusedYou the weight loss enthusiast should put your heart completely in the weight loss task at hand. You cannot try one program, and abandon it shortly for another one and expect to get excellent results. Results are inherent in being focused and carrying out your own part of the deal.You must settle down and apply all the strategies in a program, for you to be in the best position to appraise it and drop it, if it fails to meet your weight loss needs.For you that wish to become successful in life, you ought to focus your attention wholly on one goal at a time, rather than attempt several goals only to abandon all of them half way uncompleted.To succeed at any task or venture, you should stay on it long enough with resolute efforts for it to yield positive results. Never jump from one career to another, or pursue several goals at the same time. If you do so, your efforts on the multitude of ventures would lack the required power to succeed.Law No. 7: Commitment to ObjectiveIn weight loss programs, the level of your success is dependent on how dedicated you are to carrying out the recommended instructions. Commitment is therefore critical to getting the full benefits of the program.Most people that buy a program are unable to stay committed to one program until the weight problem is solved. They are quick to abandon one program for another with the belief that the program failed to work, when in the real sense it was their lack of commitment that caused the failure.If you relate this to pursuit of goals that lead to success, most people are unable to follow through on a particular goal for long term and reach the end.Just like the person that failed to lose weight blames the program, so does a person seeking for success blame others and unfavorable circumstances, rather than take responsibility for lack of commitment to follow through on the task they were pursuing.Success does not come at just one attempt. Having a long term view of the process is the key to achieving success. You must be dedicated to your goal to achieve it no matter how long it takes.Jumping from one Vocation to another, or pursuing a goal halfway and abandoning it to chase another one, reduces the speed to your destination. Imagine a car that is always going around aimlessly and keeps starting fresh journeys everyday from new locations but have no destination. It will go around in circles perpetually and fail to head to a specific place.Be purpose driven and committed to reach a specific objective if you wish to be successful in life. Commitment is like a homing device taking you to the exact spot you have preplanned. Whereas, aimlessness leaves you stunted and stranded in one spot without any progress.Closing RemarksWeight loss programs are there to help you solve excess weight problems. I make bold to say that every aspiring person, wishing to succeed at their lives purpose, applies these same methods inherent in weight loss programs without knowing it.Examine those seven laws carefully and you would discover that they are sound success principles, which you could apply to chase various goals in life, and succeed. I urge you to use them, and become the next celebrated successful person on the scene.